Page 36

We have to hide.
Are you on my side?
Will our fates collide?
Don't hurt me.
Don't dessert me.
Don't flirt with me.
Don't give your enemies any ideas.
Close the drapes.
Turn off the lights.
Lock the door.
Close the windows.
Quickly under here.
Be quiet.
They'll find us.
They seek to destroy.
They want your girl and boy.
Danger from a stranger.
Do you understand?
This is not there and take my land.
I'm not undercover.
I call your bluff.
Violence is silence.
Caveman did not respect their women.
Cave dwellers.
I dare accuse you.
I can't fool you.
You tried to break my fingers.
You burnt my hand.
You grabbed my throat.
You stuck your thumbs in my eyes.
You pulled my hair.
You punched my back.
You raped me more than once.
You don't respect women.
I don't want to distress.
You have a temper.
You put your hands on me.
You intimidate.
I don't trust you.
You just want our sex.
You don't love me.
You've never loved any of us.
I don't trust you.
You call me names.
You are mean.
You are aggressive.
You are violent.
You degrate women.
You tried to restrain me.
Pinned my arms down.
Undressed me with your eyes.
I'm not scared of you.
You try to take advantage.
I'm not your victim.
You are a rapist.
You have sick ideas.
I won't help you.
I've been trained in the art of self-defense.
You might be stronger.
But I can scream louder.
I bite, scratch, kick, run, & pull hair.
Watch out for my heels.
And pepper spray.
I won't aim to miss.
Don't even try.
You will die.


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