Oxygen Breathe Change

Sun, 11/30/2014 - 12:53 -- NRose

Every person needs


Does every person need change?

Every person needs oxygen

Some think its the same


So scary to some

To not know


Some people only like change

When they're in control

So essential to others

Something that needs to be

They can't stand monotony

Like torture it seems


Some people are a mixture of both

Some only like change

When they're in control

Some only like change

when it feels comfortable to them

Some people change

to fit in

Some people change

because they think its the right thing to do

Some people like change

Because they like things new

Sometimes things change

and people get scared

sometimes things change

and people aren't prepared


Sometime change is good

and sometimes change is bad

But everyone needs


Does everyone need change?


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