An Oxy Of A Moron


United States
38° 23' 1.2516" N, 77° 32' 20.4468" W

Glass screams. Voices shatter.
A window breaks;
but even
a broken window,

is still a window.
Hearts breathe. Lungs beat.
Dream of dreams.
True lies. Blind eye.
Showered by the sun. Dried by the rain.
Hearts love as one.
With the sky of a midnight sun.
Priceless junk and precious junk
filling empty spaces.
A blind man hears nothing, says everything.
A tragic comedy of a true fiction.
An open window,

is still a window.
Toothless tongue. Speechless teeth.
More to come but less to see.
Dark eyes. Bright cavern Nothing rhymes with orange.
Words fed through a syringe.
Doorless door hinge.


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