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  The door slammed shut into my five year old face I was just a little girl and I was already in this place   I crawled into bed
I don’t have the street smarts
I think you and me could make it But I'm not sure if our hearts can take it So i'm in the studio writing my feelings down Trying not to drown In my emotions
Cupid's never been mistaken  Until now Our love is forsaken Think we should take our final bows These curtains won't be drawn again
White as snow. The dead trees With no leaves. Animals hibernating In a deep sleep. The night is silent. The water flows Calmly. Woosh! Woosh! The wind blows in, Giving the night
A peaceful war. A troubled paradise. Absolutely unsure of the life given. Deafening silence. Silent noise filling each cavity of the soul. The sad smile that is omnipresent, But clearly misunderstood.
​Mirror on the wall
Glass screams. Voices shatter. A window breaks; but even a broken window,
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