It just hurts and it feels like I took all that medicine all over again 

And I want to cry and get away from the pain 

Thats all I ever wanted was away from the pain 

I just wanted to end it all taking all the medicine and hurting myself in ways I never thought I could 

I didnt want to live no longer But i knew there were people who loved me in this world I just didnt want to believe it

I thought I was doing better since I got out but im really not I still have the same pit in my stomach as I did before 

And no matter how many people say im here for you or you can talk to me and I love you 

I still feel so alone and I will always feel so alone 

Even though in this world im not as lonley as I want to think 

I want tp grab all those pill bottles again and just take more than I did last time 

And then maybe all the pain will end with no care in the world 


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