The darkness and hatred, makes you sick.

But as much as you want to you can never forget.

We must spread the words, not use our fists.

It's not cause we're weak, it's cause we're strong.

We can not just go along,

With the evil the world will throw our way.

We must stand up, find the words to say.

Don't ever forget that you're not alone.

Fighting back can't be done on your own.

We have a choice and we have the power.

We have the advantage; This time and This Hour.

In this moment, we will rise together as one.

We will tell the world that we're done.

We're done with lying down and with being silent.

But it doens't mean that we have to be violent.

We cry, but we're stronger, unlike any other.

All of us, we are overcomers.

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