Over Weight

They say, " people that over weight are worry too much." 

Yes, the hairs start to white everyday

Which is the right way to pass all this weight? 


When people look at you? 

Do they care what is the inside of you? 

No, least people is willing to take time to know the real you

But other will judge you from the outside of you


This is why.... The world we live to still having problem.

Still no other way to change

You, it the one is making the chose for you to change 

You do it or fail it 


Don't blame other 

Bales yourself cause you don't yourself enough to 

Give yourself 30 min each day to run or something 

So if you know then just do it 

Without asking yourself why I am doing this

Cease you love yourself enough to give yourself 



Because that it what people wanted to see right 

So give it to them 



Need to talk?

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