Over the River and Through the Sea

Dana Gilmore said it best when she said "you can cry me a river you can cry me a sea"

And Yellow Rage asked "what do you know about being Asian? "

But I am asking you. What do you know about me?

Did you know that my friends and I are eternally separated?

No you didn't. And I can tell you why.

You were there and I was here and I cannot get there as I am trapped here and you cannot leave there because if you leave there then you are here. Or you will just disappear.

Did you know that my father is the person who inspires me most?

No you didn't.

When he was here, he was here and he was there and he was everywhere. But now that he's not here he is still everywhere. To me he is kept near. He has never and will never disappear.

Unless you forgot who I am, you remember that I know all. I have so many secrets coating my skin that I could tell all and I still wouldn't be raw.

Did you know me before?

No you didn't

You never saw the paint thrown from there or the boys tripping me and running from here.

Now do me a favor and forget the entire flow so far. And listen to me.

You call me mean. But when I was nice I was jumped, bullied and humiliated.

You call me aggressive. But when I was easy going I was the one that ended up hurt time and time again.

You call me crazy. But when I was sane it was never right.

Normal I could never be, laid-back only with friends is me, nice to only the sweet.

So tell me what you know about me.

Tell me what I said when you weren't there

Tell me what I think when I see you

Tell me what I am supposed to say supposed to do suppose to think.

Tell me who I am supposed to be.

And after you do. Do me a favor and permanently cross that river and then cross that sea.

Because after that you are nothing to me.

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My community


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