Numb to my own existence

I am the one nobody comes for

No one’s friend


Here In this school yard

I walk apart


Walking home was briefly peaceful

I walked up the tight steps to the raw wood door

I sat looking straight ahead not wishing to be involved


He looked at me smugly

I held my breath

I could barely swallow

Something in the cage of my chest throbs


Everyone reached over

Without a word they snatched my food and left

Leaving me alone with an empty bowl

and an empty soul

No feelings of respect


I look in the mirror

“temporary” I say


I walk over to the small window

I look outside

Four skinny trees

Standing all alone

Skinny necks and skinny elbows just like mine

Stripped of their color and shape


They remind me of me

Their strength is secret



This poem is about: 
My community


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