The Outlook


Overcast, a small sun peeking through the clouds, still but tranquil
Suddenly the sky opens up
Rain hits the window and I watch it slide down the pane
And I think to myself: I wonder how it feels outside
The leaves gathering raindrops on their tops
The insects and small animals scurrying about on the ground and in the trees
What are their plans to escape the drops falling on them?

The sun shines bright unhindered by the clouds
It’s a beautiful day in the south
The birds are chirping and flying about one another’s trail with the occasional squirrel appearing
People walking down the street with kids in the hands or phones in their ears
A little girl begging her mom to take her for ice cream at the local shop
But she’s too busy talking on the her Bluetooth earpiece to someone important
Is it a brother, sister, friend, or husband who has her undivided attention?

An open door with a couch in the middle of the room facing the windows
The shutters are open to the view of the soaring trees in the back yard
A teenage girl is sitting on the couch and is possibly overlooked
She is typing away on her computer with her headphones plugged in
Picking her head every now and then to look outside
She wonders what she looks like to other people
Who’s going to write her outlook?

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