An Outcast Among Outcasts

I wore my lies 

like a second skin 

could'nt cover my eyes 

as i burned from within 

i was never really wise 

an cowardess wasn't really my thing 

i could never stop the sighs 

so when alone i sing 

pray and look up to blue skies

but i was always an outcast 

even among my friends 

i could always make them laugh 

it wasn't enough to make me fit in. 

didn't even fit on the graph 

i was the one variable that you couldn't place 

with shadows in my past 

if i ran from you: would you chase? 

or is this night my last? 

it's okay this isn't my place 

here i know i'm an outcast among outcast's 



This poem is about: 
My family
My country


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