The Outcast

I sit alone in this class so cold with my head bowled and feeling low. These feelings that run through my brain by day, my veins by night are the feelings of rejection, pain and fright. I sit here all day waiting for someone to reach out their hand so that I may LIVE within my great life span. I live in a shack on the corner of a great land mass. My family are sick with diseases that are killing them fast. So am I the one to live alone in this cold, cold world? To feel the feelings of rejection, pain and fright for the rest of my life? I'd rather die than say goodnight than to live my so called life in a world that doesn't care. That can kill each other and yet have no remorse! I'd rather die before or lie awake as they seal my caskets door. Atleast then I'd amount to something! For in Gods kingdom, beyond those pearly gates, reside people just like me who are accepted, their accepted by Gods Grace ! So Lord, I beg that you please make this my last.

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Our world


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