Out of Darkness

Sun, 08/03/2014 - 18:43 -- 13KelHe

We could fill an entire library

With the things we never say to each other;

Volumes upon volumes

Of quiet "I'm sorry's" and tear-soaked "I love you's".


I told you once, a year ago

That you are not alone in your pain,

But tears were all you gave me

For revealing my deepest secret.


I promised myself to keep it hidden,

So I didn't have to see you cry.

Perhaps it worked and the memory

Has died, with time and a smile.


I found your drugs a while ago,

Discovered what they were to cure.

I took one out and looked it over,

One half yellow and the other green.


I wondered how such a tiny pill

Could plug the hole inside a heart

Like yours and mine.

I put it back in the bottle and clutched my cross instead.


I vow to remember.

I vow to fight.

I vow to rediscover

How it feels to come out of darkness into light.



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