Eigth grade is when I found out

That straight did not define me

A single small peck

On the lips was that it took.


Oh, how scared I was

I had grown up around hate

That those who are gay

Are disgusting or sinful


I hated myself

I needed some help

But when I reached out

I was only poisoned more


The ones I thought I could trust

All turned against me

Because I was different

Because I wasn't like them...


But then I realized something

If they can't accept me for who I am

For who I truly am

They aren't friends


There wasn't anything wrong with me

I am just different

I'm something they can't accept

And that's their problem


I didn't hide away

I stayed proud

I found my people

My true friends


We care for eachother

Love one another

No matter who

No matter what


They helped me understand

That I am not gross

I'm not disgusting

I'm not a slur


I'm a person

I'm a lesbian

And you know what?

I'm proud.


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