That's not real.

That's impossble.

You can't do that.

Wake up!

Get your head out of the clouds

Be Realistic


NO! Not a chance.

I'm staying right here.

You can't tell me what to do,

who to be,

what to say.


I will be what I want

A doctor

A lawyer

A policeman

A Hero

A savior

A friend

a friend in you,

a friend in me

A person.


I will do what I want

I will dance

I will sing

I will drive

I will fly


Fly away from this world

by plane

hot air balloon

house full of balloons

house in a tornado


Over the rainbow

way up high

Second star to the right

and staight on 'til morning

to a different place where I can be



You say

"that's crazy",

call me mad

But here's the truth

We're all mad here


So don't you tell me who I am

because I am me

and you are you and together we are


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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