There are many things I’d love to say

or do

but I know I have to be strong

I can’t let those thoughts and actions get ahold of me

I need to fight them

If I were to do either I wouldn’t be here right now

I would be on a train to somewhere far away

I’d be floating face down in a river

I’d be sleeping on the streets

I can’t let that happen

I’m not selfish enough

I can’t have people worrying about me

I can’t let people see it’s killing me

I can’t let them see I’m truly weak

I can’t have them living thinking they could’ve done something to help

Honestly no one can help me

Only I can

And that goes for everyone else

People think therapist and counselors help

but their just saying words and we magically become cured

It’s all in our heads

and only we can help ourselves


Need to talk?

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