Our Turn


     How many times a day do we trust,
that the plane overhead isn't coming for us?

     How many times a day do we hurt,
and believe that the screams aren't meant to be heard?

     How many seconds does it take the forlorn,
to shut themselves down and forget they were born?

     How many trials and triumphs ahead,
will it take to see that the poor must be fed?

     How many minutes can you count on your hand,
and turn into the miles of emaciated land?

     How many hours will it take the thirsty,
to fall to their knees and beg for your mercy?

     How many years will it take for your heart,
to open itself and provide a new start?

     We need a change. We need a change.
     We have all the means, but still need the change.
     The people are crying. The people are dying.
     Yet we sit and ignore. And we ignore as we sit.
     And we pretend that our help,
     Will have no benefit.
     And we pretend that our help,
     Can not make a difference.
     And we pretend we can't help,
     Though we know that we can-
     For we are the ones who were given the chance,
     To live and to learn and to love one another,
     But if this is the truth-
     Then why don't we bother?

     We were given the chance. The chance to help others.
     And give them the things that we think are bothers,
     To give them the chance that we take for granted,
     To give them the lives that they would have wanted.

     But without us they grovel. In fear and in sadness.
     Still we leave them alone in despairing madness.
     We were given the chance to help those who weren't,
     We were given the chance to overturn the current.
     It is us who have hope, the most important emotion.
     And now we must spread it.
     With a merciful devotion.


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