Our Story


What matters isn’t my story

It’s our Individuality

There are times when we need to color outside of the lines,

Because our little house on the mountain needs a sky


As we grow up,

Stars become dimmer until they gradually disappear  

The hope in many people’s eyes diminishes

As they become slaves to the world we now fear


Our story is older than our expedition

People just exist among many

Every child has a dream

but unfortunately,  society make them worth a penny


We are still children,

We just have grown

but the dream hiding inside of us

is among stress and angst feelings which could be overthrown


We need to trigger our creative side

we need to be out exploring and being content

there are too many people committing suicide

because they do not contain society’s accent


That is the sad reality of life

the world has made everything so different

in where people are following scripts

and are terrified to improvise which makes them ignorant


We can’t forget who we are

we can’t let our dreams shatter

We are basically lucid dreaming 

and that is what truly matters 


Need to talk?

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