Our Souls Will Fly

Come close
Walk slow
I am not ready to relinquish control
Take my hand
I will lead you through this sadistic land

Reach out
Touch my robes
Together we will watch the end unfold

Here we are
On the shore of crimson tides
I see no change
I see no hope
For those who send the innocent to die

Come close
Walk slow
The end is not in sight
This journey will be a tearful ride
Hold my hand
As we start to clean the sand
We will know one day our souls will fly



This one is a personal fave,
I specifically wrote it to be interpreted in an infinite amount of ways. I know what it means to me, but I see other meanings in it everytime I read it.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

its about willing to change

may not be the whole world, can we try some parts with faith, plan, and togetherness

last line is a beauty

the title was also very catchy

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