Our Personal Labyrinth


If I could hold a heavy hammer, 

I would build a tree - something

That could grow. That - could crawl towards the heavens, 

and pierce the sky with the rhetoric 

of every Shakespearean tragedy. 

Like the goliath of my generation, 

falling like great Roman Empires, 

or stones making home at the bottom of the sea. 

If I could solve the enigma of life, 

I would sing to you of raptures… and revelations. 

I'd write the truth on the wall for everyone to see. 

If I could paint you a picture of my soul,  

I would give to you my entire being.

I would create for you an eulogy on behalf 

of the too quickly departed mystery that is: 

"What lays beneath the flesh and bone and muscles?

Pushing and pulling. 

Sweating and stretching.

Pumping blood through my veins.

Running miles and making smiles?"



And if I could change the world, 

I would reshape the hearts of man. 

That we would feel no immobilizing fear.



That all things could be possible and beautiful.

That all colors could be vivid and each star have a place in the sky. 

That every child, bright eyed and rosy cheeked, 

could become a doctor, an astronaut, and a firefighter.

That never again, would anyone anywhere, 

breathe another breath of regretful, mourning air.

With a kindling flame, and a ticking ache, 

that could maneuver every hurdle,

and make the obstacle question itself! 

Making all ends tangible and simultaneously absurd. 

That our chains - would turn to dust. 

And all the shadows in all the corners of the globe, 

in every big city and every small town, 

that they can make their presence known, 

with revelry and light. 

Can you imagine it? Better yet, can you grasp it? 

A world without bone crushing, 

terrorizing and endless, like flames burning,

and stinging like wasps scorched from their hive




But what is fear? What is its purpose? 

Buried deep within the darkness our minds, 

and confined to the shadows in our hearts. 

Counting your footsteps or watching the walls.

Or the way one stares into the irreverent stoic blind of the clock? 

Wandering eyes and wandering hands. 

Silent questions - muted screams. 

The resonating force of gravity, playing the part.

Brittle realizations. Envious glances at finite sunrises. 

Dying fashions and clashing passions. 

The final breath before the first sung note for the stage fright girl at the annual talent show. 

The momentary rush of blood and the waves that follow. 


Subside.        Pass.        End.        Conclude. 


At the end of the day, 

Life, is just a series of moments, 

broken down, divided, labeled, and categorized by our decisions. 

By the things we chose to do. 

The risks we took. The chances we bet on. 

And if I could throw my hand into the world and make a change, 

I would see to it that every single stone was unturned

and every dark passage explored!

Every deep see cavern searched, 

and every treasure map - tested for its authenticity.

I would search for every answer, 

and try everything that could be tried. 

So that at the end, 

I could look towards the horizon, 

and close my eyes to rose petals and changing seasons,

and know that my last breath was a finite and designated task.

Not made by any qualm or indecisive weakened measure. 

But with conviction. 



We all want to be remembered. 

We piddle our lives away at desks, in offices, on soap boxes, 

barring speeches and throwing words out in the hope, 

that they will stick, that they will touch someones heart as I hope this touches yours, 

and that within each pompeii there is a silver lining. 


We work, and work, and work, and work, and work 

and drink coffee, and work and work, and lie, and work, 

so that we can be remembered!


If fear was all but a nightmare then what is left? 

What is left but to discover? To create! 

What is there left but to fall in love? 

To start families and cure cancer.

To go sky diving.

To have the first dance. 

To run in the rain.

To spending all night studying.

To throwing away all your textbooks and starting a band! 

To doing exactly what you love even if everyone thinks its ridiculous!

To giving your heart away blindly. 

To take a leap of faith. 

To breath out and let the silence fill your lungs. 


What if the world woke up tomorrow and decided:


Today is the day.

I'm done hiding in the shadows. 

I'm done playing games.

Im taking control of my life.

I'm ending all this pain.

The struggle is unraveling.

The light will be here soon. 

I'm never giving up and

I'm giving all i got to you. 




What if the world woke up tomorrow and said: 


I love you.



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