Our mind's inspiration are our bodies

I sit in the back of a dimly lit room

Dancers swiftly move in unison in front of  me

Staring at her gleaming costume

I never thought I would be free


My eye met the movement inquisitively

My body followed after

I developed the lines instinctually

My mind was the puppet and body the master


Dance did not become my passion

Feeling did

Thinking was not my action

My thoughts hid


For six years I've developd my life

to encompass an attitude of understanding

For six years I've cast away strife

A different way of commanding


I now stand on a brightly lit floor

Dancers swiftly move in unison with me

A young boy shaken from his core

Staring up with absolute glee


This is why I am here

I am a example of self discovery

I'm not here to fade away and disappear

The boy locked in my ribcage found the key  






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