Our Love

Blood filled the room.
Or at least it seemed so.
I saw it fall apart
I saw it all happen
I fell because I can't handle this
I can't handle not being normal
Not being an object worth love
Let alone being without your love
But I wasn't ready for this.
You weren't ready for this
We weren't ready....
We didn't know this was the end
That "us" would soon be a memory
That all things we had were gone.
But how could we not see it
Were we that blind
Were we that stupid
Were we that corrupted?
But, I shouldn't say we.
Because now it's you, and me.
And maybe it was I that was blind
Maybe it was I that was stupid
Maybe it was I that was corrupted
But our love wasn't.
Our love looked strong
But it didn't last
Because it was once I fell
I realized you didn't..
I realized with every breath
We wouldn't last.
Much like my Life.
It came to an end at that moment.

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