Our Lesson Before Dying

The person who inspired me is Ernest Gaines because he opened my eyes with his

book, A Lesson Before Dying. I wrote a "raw" but "real" poem that correpsonds 

with a video I created and he is my inspiration behind it. 

(The Poem below correspoinds with the video) 



{Stop and read at time, 1:20}


(To only miniorites, mostly African Americans) 

Have you seen it yet

Imagined it

Scared of what could’ve been

The reality


(To only Caucasians)

How yall feel

Better on the other side

Of this everlasting closed


It feels bolted down doesn’t it


Why can't we just open it halfway

For this to all end

And we can merge together

As one unit


Like the song says

Have y'all been listening

Or yall just looking out

At these devastating but true



That's what Hogs do

Never realize their true potential

Unless it’s given, announced, or displayed


Be  A Man. Be a Woman

Be someone to change the earth

Don’t make it worst

Discrimination is wrong on  

Both Sides


But I don’t think yall Learn the Lesson that Gaines wanted you know & Haven’t Learn The LESSON that I wanted you know

I don't even think yall know what the lesson was


(After Kid Death, 3:30)

Wow , sad isn’t it

Like the song says

Till It Happens to You

You don’t know how it feels

Well it happened To one of you


I mean Him, Wait, Y’all

Yeah that’s the right word

Since REAL society make one individuals actions

Define the whole race, the same thing goes for all of you

And Again this wasn’t made to attack or expose but

To be aware and witness the act of victimizing a whole race

“Based on the Color of your skin, instead of the content of your character”

He Had a Dream, Do you see the Dream he had for all of you


(After the window close, 5:46)


Did you Learn the Lesson?

What drove you to reach it?

Was it Fear?  Trying to change the status quo?

God put us all on this earth for a reason

I believe mind is to make a change in this world

For the Greater Good

What's yours?

I hope it's something good

And when you find and succeed on it…

You have Learn A Lesson Before Dying.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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