our house


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I walked by our house today
the one you said you'd buy
before our plans
fell through.
I can see the
grass that has since been trimmed
no longer the jungle where
you chain-smoked
and promised me the house
as you kissed me
and told me you loved me.
People have since moved into
our house, replacing our
lovedrunk giggles
with engine roars,
silent moments full of tension, the euphoria of
young love, nothing but background noise to their
door slams.
I try to pick out bits of conversation
as I tip-toe by
to hear if they're as happy as we once were
years ago.
Walking past,
I smell your cologne
and feel your arms wrapped around me.
But what I don't feel,
or rather,
don't let myself feel,
is how much I miss you
and how badly I hope that when you walk past our house
you think of me, too.



Aw, I really felt something while reading this..


This is amazing



Julia Claire

You're poem Is incredible. Inflicting feeling and imagination, please keep writing! :)




Longing is longing

But don't let it become waiting.

Remember, but remember to forget as well.

You can't heal with the tears on the inside.

Loving one who left shouldn't keep you from loving the ones you loved before.

They are still there for you. Hope is the only way.

Don't let despair win.


I admire your plain statement. Thank you.


This makes me want to cry. It breaks my heart to hear poems about people who separated. I'm sorry if this happened to you. You seem like a very talented writer. You move people to feel your words and to see them and live them. If this poem is about you, I pray that the talent you have gets put into good use and that God would bless you with someone who sees your worth. In Jesus name. Amen. Keep writing on my friend :)

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