Our home (Speak Your Mind Poetry Scholarship Slam)


Sculpted from minerals and then the spirit flows, 
with- in the spears of the peers, 
the tools dissipate, prevaricate, or precipitate, 
Ooo! I hope I'm not to late, 
I know it's all too soon, 
take your time, have my lines, 
you can have my life...
No, have my line, 
metronome causes metaphors, 
and meta-morphs the white dwarf,
endorphin-s find,
life time,
before it was ever mine, 
What's on your mind? 
Ya that's...I feel it to,
cat snatched tongue, 
so I only practice what I speak until it's all done, 
and the mother reclaims this body, 
and this love is on the cord, 
it's all according to the course,
but I won't plot on you, 
trot on you,
the white tailed fox,
shimming, shinning, shimmering, shivering, 
Oh now, don't be so cold, don't be so froze, don't be so...
so, I guess, I'll just pretend,
to be so tense,
to be so dense,
lucid screams from the screens, 
the likes of which I have never seen, 
could never dream, 
could never know, 
may never go, 
my never nerve, 
I'm tattling a tale, 
childish wales,
like the whales that siren from below, zero kelvin, two, one? 
And the zero comes again, 
it's a sin, to be this tense,
all pretense,
I guess I'm tense,
It's just pretend,
with the tenacity to blank out, 
I'm just thinking of something I never knew, 
It's never new, 
it's just remains, 
it just stains the hour glass, 
What's in our glass maybe it...? 
It's light, 
maybe it's a fight?
I hope the war ends, 
I can be reacquainted with the moon, 
or the sol, 
or that one, 
I may never know...


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