Our E.T. (Ending Truth)


Our E.T (Ending Truth)


We are not the only ones,

That’s selfish to think so,

Billions of planets,

None visited, only by machine,

We have been visited,

But no relationships have ever been created,



We fight each other for power on a dying planet,

Superiority stands on podiums of cash,

While a dead end path is all that seems to be left for the lower class

We populate without food to feed, or planting seeds,

To adjust we add insecticides to kill the pests,

the very ones who were here

before the rest

Of us.


Humanity is a broken song,

A chorus drops, for a single person to step in with their verse,

And to get the chorus going again,

Is simply allowing for another interruption.


We have no friends from space,

They despise our bombing,

We must unite as the human race,

Before we begin our embalming.


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