Our Comet Foreshadowed

Our comet. It was a sign. As we sat there under the starry night sky, talking about life and our future together, it was a sign. The breeze was cool and the sky was clear and everything in the world seemed absolutely perfect. That moment in time when our eyes locked and your dark galaxies peered into mine with an overwhelming amount of love caused me to feel happiness. For the first time I felt happiness in love, my first love. But there was a sign. As your lips parted to whisper “I’m in love with you,” a sudden flash of light and the sound of waning fireworks sounded directly above us...but it wasn’t a man made spectacle. It was a sign. The orange ball of fire shot through the black sky in an instant with such beauty we both stared in awe. It was something we’d never seen before and savored every moment. Then it disappeared just as quickly as it appeared. You turned to me, that smile of yours stretched across your perfect face sending the butterflies in my stomach on a frenzy. I rested my hand on your cheek and leaned in to kiss you to solidify our quintessential moment until it happened. A thunderous, world ending boom sounded across the ocean. The comet had crashed. It had burned. It had died. A knot forms in my stomach and I chose to ignore the ominous feeling that came over me. I knew what the sign was but I chose not to believe it. Don’t you see? Our comet was us and the signs were real.

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