Our Bond

Breathe, breathe

One, two, three

I am a happy daughter

Who loves her mother

Not a hint of loathing to be found

Exhale, exhale

I mustn't tell lies

Enjoy the way the breeze feels nice 

Smile grows wide 

Smile shines bright

When you are not around

A quiet bliss

I stretch as far as the sea

On a warm welcoming sand

I am awake

Too awake for you

With closed eyes

You can not see

You are blind

And stand tall

Stand stubborn

Like a weeping willow tree

For no one you shall falter

Cracking earth mirrors my love for you

A well so deep and dry 

You have burned it to a measily crisp

It pains me 

To watch you 

Stomp on the ashes you have mistaken for ants

But as I have said

Your eyes are shut 

Your mind closed off 

Inside the oyster's shell where a pearl should be

Nothing but a dream, a happy air must be

Your words choke the hell out of me

Good thing I stopped trying to breathe 

I choose to simply lay back

Let waves crush me against the rocks

I do not utter a word

I let your storms, who grow like weeds

Quick and easy

Blow me in all directions

To speak truth against you 

The suicide of my sanity

Learn to keep my mouth shut

No matter how big or small the flame 

You are bothered by the heat 

You are bothered by everything

You are bothered by me

Our bond is sitting in a chair

     strapped down my hope

     waiting in suspense

     mouth so full of wishful thinking

     I am barely conscious

You finger my hair and inhale its coconut fragrance

     Pour boiling hot love down my back 

     Call my choked screams ungreatful

     And then decide maybe you were wrong

You scrape up my peeling flesh

Tie it in a knot garnished with a bow

And place it in my shaking hands

Proceed to tell me

"I will not apologize for what you've made me do."

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My family
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