The Other Lives


you're leaving for America, but way down South;

past the Bahamas, into Peru's sacred mouth.

you've come to do good so you're given a house,

you have everything now, everything but a spouse.


what fun you have on this amazing trip,

pure laughter spilling from your lip.

but hold on guy, don't lose your grip

of this task you're assigned by the mothership


this is when you realize where you are,

mountains and ruins stretch near and far.

the Kings came here without a car,

O, show some reverence of these stars.



a mother of five, yet barely breathes,

has only her love and knowledge to bequeath.

and not surprisingly underneath,

her roof, she has nothing else.


Ismael is more than a man of honour,

more important than the biggest scholar, 

for his daughter depends on him as a loyal father,

his life, he needs nothing else


ahead of the mountain climbs a woman, 

hay on her back, and thin sandals to put her foot in.

we don't know her, yet we greet her and respect where she has been.

her soul, she wants nothing else



now I've seen life in a whole new way,

there's much to think about, I'll save it for another day.

there are actually only a handful things in life,

included is your job, yourself, your family and husband or wife.






















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My community
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