The Other Girl


I don’t cry much,

but the girl inside me?

She freaks out.

Most of the time, I 

keep her quiet.

I am cynical, sarcastic,

I love music and the sky

and when strangers smile.

I like to write and read and run,

my friends keep me in the moment

and I plan

for adventure.

But sometimes,

when I least expect it,

she emerges,

released by the most minuscule of triggers:

a comment from my dad,

a facebook status,

the date on the calendar.

She brings tears to my eyes;

she won’t let me catch my breath.

I wonder if this will be the time

my head actually explodes.

She's not big or green, but

she interferes with my days 

and keeps me up at night.

I’m pretty laid back,

but the other girl?

She’s insane.


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