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They said I was a monster
Never meant to be tamed
The source of all trouble
An animal to be blamed

Never seen as a person
Or a human being
Smiling on the outside
Inside I was screaming

Someone should see me
For who I really am!
Not for the lies
Or the made-up sham!

I see like everyone else
I feel emotions too
I'm not just some robot
I'm a person like you!

It's you who's not human!
You haters who lie!
You spew trash about me
Until I nearly die!

I won't change who I am
Just because of you
I understand more
Than a one-sided view

I see that you're hurting
Just as bad if not worse
Than I have been lately
I hear you curse!

You hate yourself
So you want company
But I'm not who you're after
I won't let you dump on me

The struggles you're going through
Aren't mine to face
But if you'll just meet me
I'll be your brace

In the face of heartache
In lieu of the pain
I'll be right beside you
Through storms and rain

See, I've been where you're at now
I've been there before
Knocked down enough times
To make friends with the floor

But still I'm the same
Just a bit stronger now
But I made it alone
All by myself somehow

I've rolled with the punches
In the halls and online
Been called so many names
I've lost track of time

I love who I am!
For who I've become!
For how I've survived!
I am second to none!

There's only one of me
And a billion of them
"Haters Gon' Hate!"
Time and again

But I'll stay the same
There's only one of me!
Stick to being yourself
Don't be a copy!

-Lindsey Pritikin


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