Oreo Cheesecake

Mon, 07/20/2015 - 18:15 -- JJAM

Dear Kaitlyn

Remember that cake you made me for my birthday?

It was a cheesecake

You promise to make it for me

Well, more like promised to take my order

More like "Hey my birthday is coming up

You should make a cheesecake with oreos

Do you remember how that was

During the bus ride?

A bus ride after you disappeared for about 3 months

Well I remember that cheesecake

You gave it to me on my birthday

I saw you in the guidance office

After you had disappeared for

Another two weeks

But you remembered my birthday

And I remember that day, as the day

You were kicked out of school

Excuse me withdrawn

I'll always remember how

On that day you called your sister

Asked her to come get you

You were kicked out of school

You weren't upset

It was a matter-of-fact

What were you going to do

I remember the white witch barging in

As you waited for your ride

And told you, you couldn't come back

What, do you need to hear it from me?

You broke the contract

You're out of here

You can't come back

And she rushed you out of there

Not before I made you make one more promise

A promise any teenager should be able to keep

Text me

Call me

Contact me

And you promised

But you never did

Well you remember that cheesecake?

It had an Oreo crust

And it was a chocolate vanilla swirl

I would tell you it was delivious

But you don't like to answer text messages

So I'll tell you it was disgusting

It was the nastiest cheesecake I've ever eaten

I can never eat cheesecake again

Because it'll remind me of your cheesecake

It was too smooth

Too creamy

It went down my throat like silk

It made you eat more and more

Untill you were halfway done

And all you had to prove you'd actually eaten it

was a dirty fork

And that dry feeling of emptiness

And everybite of the cheesecake

Left that same disgusting bitter taste

Of loss

The reminder that I've lost a friend

You're gone

That I'm graduating

And I don't know where you live

I don't have a way of communicating with you

And this is probably the end

And I'll tell you

That cheesecake flavor was too strong

I was tasting it for weeks and weeks to come

I couldn't go and finish it

One, because it was just too bitter

And two, because it always made my food

taste like oreo cheesecake


This poem is about: 
My family


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