With or with out my humanity?

If the world turned to turn ash.

I would not want to live alone.


If the world were to turn into ash

I would rather turn to stone.


Words so bright and sunny.

She told me to live again.

He told me to dance once more.


She taught me how to walk.

He showed me how to love.




She talked about her dreams.

He sang me a lullaby.




They are what define humanity.

Although we are unsure what lies beyond our reach.

We still continue to look among the heavens.

Counting the stars.

Hoping, praying we aren’t the only ones left on earth.


If the world was to turn into ash.

I rather live on with what little humanity has left.







People can change people.

Our lives revolve around each other.

We need one another

I need you.

I need her

I need him.

I need them.



Even though we are different.

Even though we may shift our boundaries.

Our beliefs.

Our gifts.

Our souls.




If the world were to turn into ash.

I could not live without you.


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Our world
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