Oppressed Emotions


I like you 

but I don’t want you in my head.


Im not used to being controlled,

Im used to being in control.


Yet, here you are telling me about some girl,

and that you guys are talking about marriage.


I want to let you go,

I want you to be happy,

I want to be happy for you.


But I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.

Because that would be lying.


If it was anyone else

I would tell them to go ahead

and do what they want.

But because is you, 

I want you with me and no one else.

And thats selfish.


But for once I don’t care.


Trust me when I say

I did not mean to fall in love with you

and now that I have

I can’t just let you go.


At least I didn’t think I could.


But just now I heard the way you said her name, and

how your eyes glazed when you described her ways.


I saw myself reflected in you

and I finally understood.


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