You have to grab it

in full force 

before they blow it away.

They'll hold you back

tear you down

say you've done nothing.

You're useless

you're no good

you can't listen to anyone.

You've gotta get up off the ground

today is a brand new day.


It's all yours if you take it

it's all yours if you make it

take all the pain

and throw it away

forget about yesterday.

No one can stop you now

you've gotta find your way some how.

It's all yours to keep.

and no one can take that away.

It's all in your head.


Words fly right past your mind,

they try to rip off your smile

then they push you down

throw you around

prentend like you're not there. 

Act like you haven't tried,

find no words in your mind,

and if that's not enough 

you've lost too much

it's all gone away.

Even if you stand alone

you stand strong.


If I could change one thing in my life

I wouldn't fight

I wouldn't cry

I wouldn't push them all away.

If I could change two things in my life

I wouldn't bare

to see you stare

and call me a stranger.

I wouldn't dare to think

that you would see me

as an outsider. 

If I could change a few things in my life

I wouldn't see you and me

together anymore.

I wouldn't give you anything 

you said you always needed.

I wouldn't dare to give

or even hear

what dear you think you need.


You've gotta push forward now,

they throw those words like stones

at your heart

at your head 

and try to bury you 6 feet under.

It's like you can't eat

you can't sleep 

until they've got you down.

And there's no way

that you could stay.


You've gotta take that opportunity 

and run away,

far away 

with it.

They'll al try to take it out of your hands

and get you way too far away.

Once you've got in, 

it's yours.

Once you graduate, 

it's yours.

Forget that they haven't shown up

or taken a photo 

for a kodak moment 

to put away in memory.

It's all for you. 

No one can take it away from you.


It's your memories,

helping you start anew.

It's all your



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