The Opportunities were Endless


She was brought into this life like any baby girl would

Had all the opportunities like every good girl should

God was her hero and daily prayer became only common nature

She loved those days of drinking juicy juice and going to the zoo

She had love for everyting;

from the tiniest rolly polly's in the backyard to visiting the elderly women

at her favorite nursing home

Those were the years of simple happiness and bliss

It seemed as though her only pains were loosing baby teeth or getting stung by bumble bees

But Momma always ended the grief with her many kisses on the cheek

The world was so much bigger than which made all curiosity kick in

Curoisity led to amazing dreams

Dreams of touching louds or making snow angels on the ground

As she felt the snow and realized it was cool

Thats when Momma said it was time for school

She didn't like school all that much

Took her away from the woman she loved all that much

Mother was what was suppose to protect her from the world

When mother couldn't be there

Independence had to develop in her

She was forced to grow up

And as she grew she began to feel blue

So that same afternoon, she found a box

A box that hel all evil 

She was stunned to see

All these horrible things

She thought she would never see

But she soon got use to all this

abuse and the feeling of being used

It was the box that split her into two

leaving her bruised

But as much as it hurt

She continued to search for the younger girl

The one who swung so high

But now she was left wondering why.


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