Open your eyes

There is so much love in the deep seas
In the coffees
In the books
Not In the looks
At first your relationship's gonna be soft and tender.
But you have no idea when it's gonna be your heart breaker.
Why do people haveto search for so much love in the opposite sex ?
Most of the time we are just objects
And one day he would tell another girl, you are next.
Will it still not effect?
You think love is blind
Everything's fine.
He's your peace of mind
And you can leave everything behind
Your souls are combined
Even if he shouts on you, you never mind.
Let me give you an advice
You need to open your eyes
And see the real personality of guys
Before he says "Surprise"
And tell you all his lies.
Don't get your hopes high.
Soon your love's gonna die.
This is my only advice
Before it's too late, you need to realize
He's not taking you to the skies.
So... please open your eyes.

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