Open your eyes

Open your eyes


Walk down the street,

Look around.

Look down at your feet,

Do you see it?

Do you know what you should see?

I know what I see,

I see me.

I see the clothes I wear,

The friends I have,

The concrete underneath my feet.

The stability of life,

The flowers that smell sweet,

Do you see it now?

Not yet? Well,

I see the trees,

I see the animals,

And the walking trails,

I see the store down the block

Made of stone, plaster, and the sweat of humanity.

Again, I know what I see

And what I see, Is me.

Can you see it yet?

Look around!

What makes you,


What can you pray to never lose?

What do you love with all of your heart?

I know you can do it,

You can see, just start.

Start opening your eyes.

Start looking around.

Do you see the smiling faces,

Patience and kindness,

Do you see the forgiveness?

Do you see the hard work,

And the big hearted people?

Do you see the shoulders to cry on,

And the food that fills your stomach?

Don’t just look at your town,

Look at the world,

Look at our soldiers,

Look at our children,

Look at the mothers,

Look at the fathers,

Look at our heroes,

Look at our teachers,

Look at the young,

Look at the old,

Are you looking?

Do you see it?

Good, I knew you would.

And all of those wonderful, magical things

That this planet has to offer,

They are all looking back at you.

Because you are one of those thrilling, perfect things

That I hope to never lose.  


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