An Open Letter to the One I hurt

Dear my friend,

It started with a simple hello,

And ended with no goodbye,

There was a time I hurt you,

And for years my selfishness never understood why,

For now I have matured, and now I do,

Understand the great amount of pain I caused you, 

As regret builds up inside,

It creates a tidal wave in my heart,

Of which I wish you could feel, 

So you'd know my apology is genuine and real, 

Even though the once regular messages

Turned into sporadic hellos, 

I miss what we once had,

I remember the day we met, 

In October of 2013, 

Over a URL,

It didn't feel like a connection over the web, 

I felt as if I knew you forever instead,

On the lonely night that made me fear,

You reassured me everything will be alright,

Helping me sleep through the darkest of nights,

I hope your life is well, 

As a hole in mine will never be filled,

Because of a friendship, 

That was more than real,

I miss you,

I miss you a lot, 

I wish you could come back,

If you don't,

I understand why,

I just want to rebuild, 

The friendship I destroyed,

I know you'll never trust me again,

But I'll always trust you, 

I'll always remember you, 

As my best friend,

A brother I never had,

I am sorry I hurt you,

I am sorry I lied,

I wish I could kill, 

The pain I caused inside

With all the best,

The person who misses the friendship we had  

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