An Open Letter From a Feminist

Dear class,

Welcome to 2016.

where we’ve had someone walk on the moon

and a black president

but still haven’t completely wiped the dust from the word


Let me say that again.


The word is dripped from leaky faucets, clogged with too many opinions


Feminists are not angry, hairy man haters walking around with flaming torches 

and if you encounter those

don’t worry,

they don’t sit at our table.

Yes, some of us are screaming from mountain tops

but most of us

are on each other’s shoulders,

reaching for the fruit that 


were provided ladders for. 

Dear people, we have a problem.

We feed women to society like we feed trees to 

paper machines 

printing playboy magazines. 

She’s a college graduate with a PhD, 

but too scarred from her PTSD 

to do a thing with her hard earned degree. 

Higher education didn't save her from anything.

When I was in the third grade,

We were doing show and tell

and a boy

pulled down my skirt

in front of 

the class.

When I close my eyes,

I can still see the principle’s assuring face as he told me,

“Boys will be boys.”

I have not worn a skirt since that day.

Ladies, it is no wonder.

no wonder we grew up with Barbie dolls, princesses, baseball and football stars

no wonder we grew up being taught, "pink is a girl’s color and blue is for boys"

no wonder we grew up being taught it's a man’s world

no wonder we grew up being taught people only marry of the opposite sex,

no wonder now all we want is to be perfect

no wonder everything is based on gender roles

no wonder women aren't taken seriously

no wonder we don't let anyone be who they want to be,

because we grew up on falsification and conformity.

Just listen

And listen to me good.

Hang on to every word I’m about to say.

Because I really mean it. 

Don’t take it as a joke

But really understand what I feel.

So just listen.


Sometimes when you want to be yourself

And stand out from everyone else

It backfires. 

You end up becoming them

The ones you don’t want to conform to. 

And you don’t really realize this until

The Aftermath of it all. 


I don’t want to be that way anymore. 

I want to be taken seriously and not be afraid. 

I want to be able to lead and know that

People can trust in me.

I don’t want to be laughed at anymore

Or looked upon for my appearance ways

I want to be what I was born to be: A Leader

You ask what I want in this world?

More than anything else?

I want there to be a higher likelihood that women die of disease than by the hands of a man,

I want all girls to have the same opportunity of education as boys,

I want us to not be viewed as objects of pleasure but rather as human beings,

I want us to be in charge of our own bodies and not be judged by our choices,

I want us to have the same pay as a man with the same job,

I want us to not be expected to have kids and give up our careers,

I want to stop being told what I can do to prevent being raped and instead have boys taught not to rape,

I want to go to college and not be worried of assault when all I want to do is help and learn,

I want us to be taken seriously and not cast aside as silly little girls,

I want there to be no “Women Authors section” in a book store,

Ladies, I want us to have the same amount of positions in power as men,

I want not a single woman to be used only for her body for her entire life,

I want men to stop objectifying girls younger than thirteen,

I want us to be able to walk down the street without getting cat calls or being told to smile,

I want hate crimes against females around the world to stop,

I want rapists to be treated with the same punishment in court as a murderer would be,

I want us to have leadership positions and not be called “bossy” or a “bitch”.

I want so much for us,

But we all have so far to go.

Dear brother,

I speak because as a woman, my worth is based on my sexuality

I speak because my worth is based on my ability to carry a child

I speak because my worth is based on my wifely abilities

I speak for the women who choose to never marry 

and are harshly judged for this.

I speak for the stay-at home mothers,

belittled for their choice to stay at home.

I speak for the battered wife, girlfriend, partner

and yes, I speak for the battered men as well.

I speak for the men who stand by our sides

I speak for the men bullied for embracing their femininity.

I speak for the men suffering through depression, 

the ones who chose to seek help,

and the ones too ashamed to seek help.

And brother, I speak for you, so that one day 

you may live in a world where you are allowed

to cry and nurture others

without being shamed for it.

Let’s make one thing clear,

I’ve paid my dues to society

In vomit and tears

Bruises and blood

And thoughts of destroying and taking actions

That are the upmost of nonrefundable.

Anxiety, depression, and insomnia

Spiraled from the expectations of too many.

A word of advice from a veteran like me,


Take that extra slice of pizza.

Wear your lipstick red.

Cry when your favorite character dies.

Cut your hair short.


And the next time someone says

“Chill out, it’s just a joke.”

Look them straight in the eye and say,

“Fuck you.”

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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