A shadow behind a filter

my life is but a dream

sorrounded by none

and seemingly unseen


A glance at me

a nod in my direction

yet never at me

forever shattered perceptions


Pardon me

excuse me sir

bumps both shoulders

my image beginning to blur


I try to make contact

yet no words are spoken

the pressure persists

but I'm bent not broken


None can see

through my complacent facade

in a way of sorts

a certain camoflauge


My body runs wild

my mind is enraged

yet only because

my emotions are caged


Striving for attention

yet none I can earn

try as I might

crash and burn


Not seen by the sun's rays

or the moons light

not a man of the day

but a child of the night


I ask, no beg

for your attention to lend

for it's almost over

at voyage end


I don't know what it is

maybe my performance

maybe its my talent

it continues to be dormant


Maybe I'll be noticed

if I do some crime

what's the point

I'm already buried alive


Some people deal

some people manage

I wrap them up

and hide them in a bandage


I don't know how to be noticed

but definitely how to evade

with practice comes perfect

a few tricks of the trade

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