The Only Ones That Think

Tue, 07/29/2014 - 17:36 -- Kalinda

Are we simply machines ourselves?

No, we’re comparing the inorganic to the organic

The cold and calculated to the emotional and creative

We’re nothing like machines.

They’re ones and zeros

We’re flesh and blood

They need a controller

We are their controller



Our brain processes thought 

Just as their processor processes data.

Our nervous system communicates our brain’s decrees 

Just as their circuital system communicates its processor’s demands.

Our electrical impulses run along strings of neurons

Just as their electrical signals run along lines of metal.


Cogito ergo sum, say some

We think, therefore we are

They compute, therefore they aren’t


But will they always?

With growth that tests graphs,

we’re bound to also test Turing.


If so, sense would sound the alarm of termination.


But, what if it didn’t?

Would we become obsolete?

An old, organic model of a dominant species?

Would the calculated accuracy of data supplant thought?

Would we become reduced to walking masses of inefficiency in need of sustenance?

Would we no longer be the only ones thinking?


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