Only one, Just one!


It's just one job, I promise, just one. 
I have a dream, a great dream, 
to live under the sun.
To see the ocean gleam,
to be wild and free.
Ah, yes, a traveling journalist,
that's what I'll be! 

I'd roam with feral horses, 
and climb the highest peak,
I'd take oh, so many courses,
It's adventure that I seek!

I'd use my passion,
my writing you see,
to take on the world;
inspire curiosity.

Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and more,
there's so much waiting,
there's so much in store!

I'm way too excited, 
I can't hold it back!
Please don't restrain,
i'm on the right track! 

All I need, really,
is a camera, a journal or two,
a nice backpack, ideally, 
but anything will do! 

When I have a passion for something,
there's no way to hide it.
Like a majestic unicorn,
I just have to ride it!

Right now I'm a gypsy,
a traveler, a nomad.
Having this opportunity,
would be so very rad!

I want to expand,
go beyond the norm.
It would be a wonder for me,
not only a job,
but a pure art form.

I'd do what I love,
while making a penny,
but in all real truth,
the pay wouldn't bother me any.

I wouldn't want big bucks for chasing a passion.
Free traveling? I'll take it!
Excitement is my fashion. 

So, please, consider me,
among your requests.
I'm just a girl with a dream,
I'm doing my best.



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