Ongoing Questions

What is going on with you?

Why are you poisoning yourself with this endless overthinking?

Why are you constantly grumbling about your repetitively miserable life?

Why are you always smiling, when you are actually on the verge of breaking down?

When will you finally accept yourself?

Where do you want to be, to live fully according to what your heart demands?

Who is that one person that will eventually assist you in catching the long – awaited internal peace?

Whom do you trust the most, except for yourself?

Whose shoes would you like to step into and walk their life?

How far away are you from discovering your offbeat uniqueness?

How long will it take you to become your own “super – ego”?

How much are you willing to lose in order to find all the answers you are seeking?

How many setbacks will ultimately make you stronger?

How come you never ask for help, when you truly need it?

How come you are always afraid to speak your mind and express verbally your thoughts?




How old do you think you will be, when you first realize that life is literally more than simple?


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