Ones and Zeros


What are we?

what are we but a mere two specks on a world of seven billion?

what is our world but an average-sized sphere amongst a limit of spheres to which we know no bound?

our galaxy to endless others in this vast universe?

what is our mind?

what is our mind but a combination of neurotransmitters and cranial lobes?

a random assortment of ones and zeros?


Our universe, constantly the topic of debate since our birth

big bang vs. creationism

science vs. religion

old vs. new


There is one thing that can be agreed on

the process

through the eyes of the priest, God struggled and worked diligiently to create this glorious and bountiful universe to which we are a part of

in the perspective of the skeptical scientist, it took millions of years for that minute particle of creation to explode and expand upon the scene


And yet, we destroy and waste and kill and abuse and dominate everything around us

environment is a sham

ecosystems are dumping grounds

i fear the day that outer space is classified as an ecosytem

i fear the day that oil is discovered on one of Jupiter's moons

that would be nuclear war at its finest


Our planet took an abosrbatant amount of time to create and develop up to this point

however we have the potential to render all that struggle useless

to stomp on it like a bully stomps on your paper mache

Historians assert that our textbooks are often eurocentric

they assert that censored countries exhibit completely biased information

food for thought

we are human-centric

planet earth-centric

fossil fuel-centric




We are so caught up in our struggle to the top of the world food chain

we have forgotten what supports us

what allows us to live the way we do

we turn a cold shoulder to the environment in congress every day

we as a people turn a cold shoulder, when we through trash out of our gas-guzzling vehicles

we are all guilty

we need to change not so that our future generations can survive

but so that the entire planet as a whole can survive

so that the worlds and galaxies and universes around us can survive


humans are simply random assortments of DNA

ones and zeros.

when this eternal conflict eventually runs its length

we'll all be zeros.







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