The One You Love


You'll always be the one I wanted most.

The one I gave the most time too.

Put in the most effort.

The only one I'l ever wait for.

And you didn't even seem to notice.

You always had some other girl,

Someone better looking.

And yet I still fell so hard for you,

Knowing full well I'd be heartbroken...

But I had a stupid hope that you'd fall in love with me too.

You didn't though,

You continued to love too many girls at once.

Everyone said you were in love with me,

But when you left I changed my mind.

Because how do you leave the one you love?

I don't think I will ever understand that concept.

And I think that's what makes it so hard,

Moving on.

Becuase I was taught to never leave the one you love.


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