One Word



One Word

One word

That’s all it takes

To get in your head

To get in your heart



One word that so easily slips from your lips


One tear

She walks with her head down



Thinking about the words

The words that they said

That’s all it took

For her to get to this point


The point of breaking

The point of ending

Ending it all

And all while she wished

Wished that someone would have noticed

A teacher, a friend, a someone

To remove the pain

To help the pain

To wipe away that tear

But teachers didn’t notice

A friend didn’t care

And a someone didn’t know

And all it took

Was one word

One word is all it took


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In this poem you really express the power that words have, with the repetition of "one word" throughout. A lot of the time, people focus on the positive effects just a few words can have, but your poem describes how it works the other way, too, to produce negativity. It might only take a word to hurt someone, but it can also take just one to make them feel better. Words truly are weapons, and they can be used to cause pain or to heal wounds. How we use those weapons is up to each of us, and your poem inspires people to use them for the better.

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