No sense in giving when you never get back, 

It's hard when your heart's always under attack, 

So you give and give until you crack, 

But with nothing left you still got nothing. 


I always seem to find those friends that I, can't ever get out of my mind. 

The ones I'd better leave behind, but

I wanna talk, I wanna text 'em, 

But really I want them to want to talk to me. 

But it's always more of a one way street, 

At least with the people that I tend to meet, 

And that's the way my friendships tend to be. 


No I'm not needy I'm just looking for more, 

Than friends who take and use me like a whore. 

More than the group that I'm in with the narrow minds, 

Who only think about themselves and who judge all the time. 

More than the ones who ask me for tons,

And who never give back, just look out for number one.


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