One True Love

I get these feelings and I don't know what to do,

But one thing I know is that I wanna be with you, 

Real girls get the effort, yes they deserve it, 

Call my girl no one, because no one is perfect,

Things change to learn how to let go, 

I want to be your hardest goodbye and easiest hello, 

I'll be there for you, you know I'll be your true love, 

I'll protect you, just like an angel from above, 

I'll give you the feeling like you's in a dream, 

Every king needs a queen, even I'm 19,

Nevermind other girls, got my mind on my misses,

Making me smile when asking for more kisses, 

Without you, I know a part of me is missing,

My heart speaks for you, just go ahead and listen,

Beautiful as bright blue skies and seas, 

Give me your trust, telling me your desires and fantasies, 

I'm alone and to many things I've been through, 

Now sitting at home thinking of how much I miss you, 

Give me all your love like your miami and I'm the heat,

Because you're running in my mind like you's track meet, 

You clean as a whistel, your the game and I'm official, 

Hold on start running when I shoot this pistol,

You're the girl that I only talk about, 

You're like my tongue I can't keep you out my mouth,

Don't give up on someone who's love is worth fighting,

There aren't second chances like love got struck by lightning,

My heart comes out my chest when I hear your name,

When you're at your worst, I still look at you the same,

Dont ever change, please babe don't ever leave,

You relieve my stress like your love is alleve,

Having goosebumps when I feel on those thighs, 

Need directions to your heart because I'm lost in your eyes,

We go together like your clothes and Im a hanger, 

Be me and you while your friends turns strangers,

Yes we different boo, and you complete me, 

Your love is scars, to me it's always deeply, 

Texts in the morning and calls at night, 

Everything is the opposite of left, feeling so right,

Thanking god you came into my life, and that's no lie, 

Falling asleep on you, because I never want to say goodbye,

My girl, my baby, always my lady, 

Always rocking my world like a earthquake in haiti,

I call you a thief because it's my heart you're stealing,

No definition for life, but you give mine meaning, 

No comparing, they don't life or smile like you,

All I want is you and that's so damn true !

Just thinking how memories tend to fade, 

When I'm with you, more memories are being made, 

Treating you right like everyday is valentines,

All these lames trying to date, but baby you's mines, 

Love is VCR because it's stuck on rewind, 

Silence is golden, so baby you's a mime,

It's a movie, more like a real reality, 

Can't stop smiling around you, those looks and personality, 

Staying up with those late nite conversations, 

Thinking how we first met, and first started dating,

Things happen for a reason, but you're the main one, 

The reason why I call you my ONE TRUE LOVE ! 

Cuddling, laughing and kissing on rooftops, 

You're the reason why, my heartbeat never stops, 

We can be a book, so real like nonfiction,

Your love is my drug and damn it's my addiction,

Love is full of chances, so your my dice,

Love is blind, so your my 3 blind mice,

You're one of a kind, like you are a mix breed, 

You're my everything, your all I ever need,

Ride together, Cry together 

I swear to god I hope we die together, 

Becase then I know our love will last forever.




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