One Sided Love

my heart was stolen when i was weak
im still rising up onto my feet
i was hurt but i grew stronger
won't tolerate this any longer
you drugged me with misconceptions
what exactly were your intentions?
was there something i misconstrued?
was i ever in love with you?
i gave up everything to be with you
i almost lost it all--- ain't that the truth?
i can't afford to lose myself again
to a selfish kid that claims he's a man
i was young and simply curious
i wanted something new and someone serious
youre too smart to be doing the dumb shit you do
maybe thats how you just became you.
a liar. a cheater. a thief in the rough
a bully that acts like he's all big and tough
when really you're cryiing on the inside
all for a litttle love---baby, i tried
to give and give when there was no more to take
my heart, my soul, and body for fuck's sake
but nothing will ever be able to satisfy
your hunger for love that you ruin and let die
it's always about you, even when it's not
but were never taught that -- oops, i forgot
ranting and raving about the 5.0.
if you had your shit together they'd leave you alone
once a criminal, always a criminal
isn't that what they say?
you're always in jail
so why don't you fucking stay?
you're no good for me, and I'm too good for you
that isn't balance, only chaos being brewed
so maybe we should just part ways, instead of living life like this
I don't need your drama or your malipulative tricks
a daughter we do have, but her "daddy" you are not
you may remember her, but it's YOU that she forgot.
yet, how can you forget someone you never got to know?
well, I guess that it's still better than a "father" that rarely shows
prison, jail, or freedom; it makes no difference which
you come and go as you please, because thats what your "dad" did.
the dark truth comes out, so now you see,
you do NOT bite the hands that feed
many, there were; and now none remain
how does it feel to know so much pain?
I bet it fucking hurts to be disregarded by your kin
thats what fucking happens when you've conquered every sin
"do me favors, will you, please?" is all you seem to want from me
so lemme say "FUCK YOU!!!!" for all the world to see
because you aint shit, and have nothin on me
except the fact that Kyra is a part of you!
and that my Mom's worst nightmare DID come true
because of you, my whole life changed;
yet, I'm still breathing---I'm fucking free of your chains
the ones that forced me down with all your weight!
not to mention your guilt, manipulation, and hate
somehow, I still know I'm the lucky one here,
for you're the one that has to live with that reflection in the mirror.


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